The Bald Eagle is the only eagle unique to North America. It was chosen as the official bird emblem of the U.S.A. because of its majestic beauty, representing power and freedom with its seven-foot wingspans, razor-sharp talons, and extraordinary eyesight. The Bald Eagle feeds primarily on fish, and they migrate when northern lakes and rivers freeze over, to follow seasonal food supplies, near the coast or bodies of water where the water remains open. A large number of Bald Eagles are known to congregate at locations along the Susquehanna River, in northeastern Maryland, near the border with Pennsylvania, between mid-October and mid-March. The number of Bald Eagles present during this time varies typically from 30-40 up to 100. It is not unusual to find two dozen Eagles in a single view from November to February. There are many possible locations for photographers to shoot from, providing a variety of captures include Birds in Flight (BIF), fishing and fighting action, to portraits of Eagles sitting on a perch, at times probably having a mouthful of freshly caught fish.



Early morning hunt

Seconds (milliseconds) before point of impact

The grab

BIF above the water

Large meal to go!

After lunch


Participants: small group up to 8 photographers.


Workshop Leader: Andy Nguyen is one of the world’s top all-round bird photographer. His images have received multiple International Wildlife Awards, and been published in many high-profile magazines, including National Geographic, National Wildlife Federation, Nature’s Best, and NANPA’s Expression.



Day 1: arrival day. Contact me prior to making your travel arrangements to determine if you would like to be with the group. If you prefer to travel on your own (in your own car), contact me for our meeting location.

Day 2: Full day of shooting on location. Morning session from sunrise until 11am, break for lunch, then meet at 1:30pm for afternoon session until sunset. I will guide you to the best spots in order to capture the best possible photos of the Eagles. Approx. 8 hours of shooting and instruction.

Day 3: as Day 2

Day 4: departure day.


Species include:

Bald Eagles, Bald Eagles, Bald Eagles… dozens of Bald Eagles. And hopefully we will even get to see some of the glorious fall foliage in this part of the country.

Even though our primary species is the Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus), we might also see other bird species:  Great Blue Heron, Gulls, Cormorant.


Suggested Equipment:

DSLR camera.

Participants are encouraged to bring a long telephoto lens of at least 300mm, however a longer lens such as 400mm, 500mm, or 600mm would be recommended. If you don't own one these supertele lenses, the best option is to rent it for a week.

Tripod support may be used (for static shots), but ability to handhold your lens is recommended as there will be lots of opportunities for photographing BIF. 


Airport: Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) or Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI)


What this includes:

Fee of guiding you to the best possible location, and basic instruction (if needed). Topics include: BIF techniques, camera settings, composition, and more.

Lodging, based on double occupancy (single supplement of $250)


What it doesn’t include:

Flights to/from PHL or BWI




Important Note:

BYOL is suggested. There will be a nearby store that has coffee and sandwiches. Also a small diner that provides cheap, warm food.

Bring warm clothes as you will be spending many hours outdoors. Early morning temperatures can get as low as near freezing.

Some walking may be required.


Workshop dates:

November 3-6, 2016



$950 per person (USD) due at time of signing up.


We accept payments made via PayPal for convenience. Please email info@wildwingsphotography.com for additional information.